Wayne Sump Pump Reviews: A Reliable and Excellent Home Safeguard

Wayne Sump Pump Reviews: A Reliable and Excellent Home Safeguard

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In the midst of rain season, flooding in your basement or crawlspace should be the least of your worries. What homeowners need to avoid that mess and subsequent clean up is a sump pump, specifically a Wayne Sump Pump. To get the information you need to make an informed decision, read our review here.

Wayne Sump Pump Reviews

When it comes to sump pumps, reliable is the name of the game. Wayne has been in the business of water pumps since the 1940s. The company started some twelve years earlier, finding most of their success in oil burners. It was not until Wayne acquired Zephyr Pump Company, that they became dominant in the water pump game.

WAYNE has a huge choice of safeguards for your home, sump, multi-use, sewage, effluent, well, lawn, specialty pumps and systems, and accessories. Wayne sump pumps can install a complete system, which is pre-assembled and pre-plumbed and can be installed rather easily.

The Wayne Home Equipment Company is currently located in Harrison, Ohio, from this location Wayne offers affordable products and a quick delivery window.

Regardless if you need a small pump for your crawl space area or a whole system including a battery backup for your basement living space, Wayne has been the go-to company for sump pumps for over 70 years.

What is a Wayne Sump Pump and How Do They Work?

If you have a basement in your home, you are no doubt aware of the dangers involved. These can include simply annoying things like a musty, wet smell, to serious like flooding.

While the stinky, musty odor might be disgusting to endure, you might think it is tolerable if your basement is only used for your boiler and your washer and dryer. In these cases, your trips downstairs would be minimal. But if you store your possessions down below, say boxes of mementos, or worse old family photos you could be in for a world of hurt at the next rainstorm.

Flooding in a basement can be devastating to a family. Losing possessions can be life altering in terrible ways. Old photos of grandparents and great uncles in war uniforms cannot be replaced. Period. Once they are ruined, that’s it. Game over.

Another danger from flooding is mold. Everyone is familiar with the tragedies that mold can bring about to a home and a family. It can ruin structure, it can ruin belongings, but scariest of all, it can harm you and your family health wise. Asthma can be inflamed, and mold can bring on any number of illnesses. It’s best to try to avoid mold altogether.

A sump pump is an automatic pump and is used to remove water that has collected in a sump pit located in basements or crawl spaces. The water fills in the sump pit located in the basement and is drained using the water pump to keep the basement from flooding.

The system involves a drainage system around the perimeter, which is installed to keep the basement from flooding. Sump Pumps should be the first choice to protect the basement from damaging waters.

Water pumps are available in a submersible (motor inside the pit), and in pedestal (motor outside the pit) formats. You may think having the motor outside the pit is a benefit, but Wayne would disagree. Therefore they choose to manufacture only submersible primary pumps for their quiet operation.

Wayne offers two different types of switches, the Tether Float Switch and the Vertical Float Switch. The Tether switch involves mechanical devices designed to turn a pump on and off at preset levels automatically. Tether switches float horizontally on the liquid and to ensure unobstructed travel, use only in basins 14” or larger.

While the Vertical Float Switch involves mechanical switches, designed to float vertically to turn the pump on and off. These should be installed 90 degrees from the incoming liquid, and are most effective in 11” or wider sump pits.

WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch
  • Assembled in the US with foreign and domestic parts
  • Top suction pump design minimizes air locks and clogging from debris in bottom of sump pit.Assembled in us, with foreign and domestic components
  • Stainless steel motor housing and rugged, cast iron pump base
  • Vertical float switch, tested to 1 million cycles!4600 GPH at 10 ft. of discharge lift
  • 1-1/2 In. NPT Discharge for compliance with building codes





What Makes Wayne Sump Pumps Unique

Most sump pump manufacturers use motor technologies that are outdated and generate extra vibration, which makes for a noisy system. Wayne sump pumps use energy efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors that have ball bearings to make vibrations virtually nonexistent during operation.

Wayne pumps have done away with the need for a weep hole, they have developed a one of a kind, a top suction design that allows water to be pulled from above with the impeller, completely getting rid of the risk of airlocks, clogging and that annoying gurgle.

These noise making pumps are disruptive and infuriating and can spoil family time, dinner or get-togethers with friends. No one wants to hear the roar from the basement, even if it is keeping your home from flooding. It might be tempting to turn a noisy unit off, to keep these annoyances to a minimum, but boy oh boy will you pay for that decision in the long run.

For a truly ultra-quiet pumping system that has to be heard (or not heard, as it were) to be believed, just choose the Wayne company for your basement safety, home safety and most of all your families safety, don’t take your water pump needs lightly.


You can easily pick up a sump pump from anywhere between $115 to $200, depending on your needs. To choose which pump is best for you, some strict measuring and detective work is needed.

  For example: 

  • How far will you be moving the water? 
  • How much horsepower do you need? 
  • What type of switch and battery backup does your home require? 
  • Do you need a combination system or a simple water pump?  

Finding out and having this information readily available when you shop will increase your chances of purchasing just the right water pump for your home basement living area.

Your local hardware or home improvement store will have all the information you need when it comes to price selection based on your current situation. If there is an emergency, you should always ask for assistance. We don’t tend to make the best decisions when we are under stress.

Public Perception

Wayne pumps are reported by owners as working flawlessly, and importantly, are noted to be extremely quiet. The water is pumped through the pipe can be noisier than the pump itself. Several owners of Wayne water pumps state that they wouldn't hesitate to buy another Wayne pump.

There have been some question about the controls, and if they are located on the actual battery cover in such a place to bump against the battery. This is most likely due to a simple installation fix. If this occurs with your water pump, simply let Wayne know, and they will be out to correct the problem toot sweet.

Wayne's service after the sale is second to none. The company prides itself on making every last customer happy. And this is confirmed in thousands of online reviews, customers are screaming out loud at the satisfaction with this water pump company and their products.  

How It Compares

Wayne Sump Pump is one of the highest rated water pump companies in existence. They do have some fierce competitors, however. The competitors fall short in several categories: quality, price and after the sale service.

If you are on a tight budget, and need to purchase a less expensive model, they are out there but beware; you get what you pay for. You may get a pump that works great, but is so loud you can’t hear the TV upstairs.

Or possibly end up with a cheaper pump cost wise, but when problems arise, and they will, you can find yourself extremely frustrated at not being able to reach the company or not getting satisfactory service to fix your water pump.

In these cases, water pump owners find themselves wishing they had chosen Wayne for the safety and protection of their home.

One huge difference in the Wayne Sump Pump design is that it has the top suction system that minimizes the clogging and also eliminates all the weep hole or vent during the installation system.

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What We Think

Wayne has most definitely made a name for themselves in the water pump business. The name equals a quality product, extensive choice within each type of pump, and best of all the service.

The installation and attentiveness to any issues after the purchase is second to none. While Wayne is certainly not the only sump pump manufacturer out there, they are one of the best.

If we had the dire need for a sump pump at this exact moment in time, you can bet your last dollar we would be scouring the shelves of the local hardware or home improvement store for a Wayne.

The top suction system alone is worth the cost. The anti-clog design really makes a difference when you are trying to clear out a hole that you aren’t sure what is inside. Sucking up mud is detrimental to a lot of brands with their bottom suction design. As soon as the ports are clogged the motor begins to overheat.

Before you can even notice what happened to the flowing water, the sump pump needs to be replaced. This isn't’ the case with a Wayne pump. While they aren’t faultless, they do make the job a lot easier and a lot less cumbersome, which will always earn our hard earned cash.

Coupons and Deals

The manufacturer doesn’t offer any coupons or deals as they sell direct to the retailer. However, depending on where you purchase your pump, the store itself may have a deal for you.

The Home Depot and Lowes, for example usually have sale days or Sunday newspaper ads that will save you money. While the coupons and deals may not be specifically geared towards a Wayne pump, you can find deals such as “save $20 when you spend $200” or similar.

If you select the right sump pump, you can save money that way.

If you purchase online, the deals are more limited. Amazon carries Wayne brand pumps, for example, but their savings are based on the vendor. If it is Amazon backed you can save on shipping with Amazon Prime. It is a way to save a little bit of money, as shipping costs by weight will put the Wayne pumps in a more expensive category.

Anytime you shop online you can also search for coupon deals. Sites like RetailMeNot tend to scour the interwebs for special deals and coupons or incentive offers you may not otherwise have known about.

While you may need to go through a sign up process or provide an email address to get a few dollars off, the option is there. If you are willing to click the link and enter your information (if needed) then you can save a little bit of money that way.

As it stands, though, these are going to be about your only money saving options. Unless the price drops when new models come out, any savings will not be coming directly from Wayne.

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In Conclusion

There are many things to ask people to name the most important appliance in their house, and you’ll probably hear “refrigerator,” “stove” even “furnace.” While those are all logical answers, the fact is that if you live in an area with a high water table the most important appliance in your house is the sump pump.

Doesn’t sound very glamorous and important, does it? But without it, your foundation’s days would be numbered. And if your foundation is in trouble, your whole house is in trouble.

Keeping water out of the basement is also crucial from a health perspective because standing water in the basement can lead to the growth of all kinds of molds that can create allergic reactions, respiratory problems and worse.

After large storms, torrential rains, hurricanes, and even a simple April shower, your basement or crawlspace can easily flood. To really avoid the mess, the smell, the ruined belongings and worst of all, the cleanup, the time to get a sump pump is before that happens.

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