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Morton Water Softener Reviews

Water Softener

Morton Salt may be a familiar brand for anyone looking for spices for their cupboard. The Chicago based company got its start in 1848 and has continued to be of service to the general public. Morton Salt has produced and distributed salt for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial use for decades.

However, Morton also produces water softeners to improve the quality of the water within your home.

Living with hard water can be challenging on your body, dishes, clothes, and plumbing.

When selecting a water softener, you will want to consider how much you want to invest for a softener that has a high grain rating. The grain rating lets you know as a consumer, how many particulates your water softener will be able to capture and filter out before it needs to enter a regeneration cycle.

Depending on your household size, your choice of a Morton water softener may be more appropriate for a one to two persons, or for six or more. It is helpful to get a testing kit to check your water quality before selecting a water softener.

In addition to considering your household size, you will need to break down how much water each person uses per day, flow rate, and grain amount to assess your filtering needs. In the long run, a water softener with the highest grain rating will prove to be a more economical buy, because you will need less salt and incur fewer regeneration cycles.

Hard Water Versus Soft Water

Water Softener

Depending if you live in a bustling city or a quieter rural area, your water quality may sharply differ.

Your average tap water most likely will contain the following elements.

  • Sulfur, iron, and manganese
  • Chlorine, nitrates, herbicides
  • Bacteria and viruses

Do keep in mind that a water softener will not remove contaminants that may threaten your health. A water softener will only filter out chlorine which can severely dry out skin and hair, and magnesium deposits.

When it comes to your plumbing, you may have hard water if you notice that the water flow is restricted due to buildup. Hard water may also present itself in the form of spots on dishes, or clothes may appear worn or not cleaned effectively after being thrown in the washing machine.

The calcium and magnesium in water do not directly harm your plumbing. However, hard water left untreated can encourage buildup within pipes, degrade the quality of water heaters, contribute to clogs, or stress fixtures to the point of breaking down faster than projected.

If you discover white scale buildup on plumbing, you can confirm your suspicions of hard water with a test. Installing a water softener is an effective and economical solution to stop hard water.

Most water softeners will function based on the following principles to improve the quality of water.

  • Magnetic system
  • Salt-based system
  • Salt-free system
  • Reverse Osmosis

Each method of improving water quality will provide varying results, but each method has been proven to be highly effective. A salt-based system, like Morton water softeners, is one of the most effective methods to reduce water hardness that causes plumbing damage and irritated skin.

If you cannot install a full water softener system, it is possible to install a showerhead to reduce water hardness or other smaller devices per appliance.

If you have very hard water, a magnetic system may not be effective at all. Reverse osmosis may not fully reduce hard water, but does an excellent job and removing other unwanted contaminants that lurk in the municipal water supply.

What Is Morton Water Softener And How Does It Work?

Morton Water Softener

Morton is an American company based in Chicago, Illinois that has created a line of water softeners for residential use.

The water softeners available offer a grain capacity range that spans between 20,000 to 45,000. It is suggested by Morton to install both a water softener and a water filtration system for optimal water quality.

Each water softener removes unwanted elements from the water supply so that the water is softer, improving plumbing, dishes, clothes, and bathing. The tanks are covered with a 10-year warranty, with other parts being covered for a typical 1-year minimum.

What Makes Morton Water Softener Unique

The water softeners offered by Morton are unique because they are an affordable option, are capable of filtering both city tap and rural well water, and are produced by a salt company.

A Morton water softener does not require much electricity to run and is beneficial for filtering large quantities of water for residential use without dampening water flow.

Public Perception

talking man

The Morton brand is very trustworthy and offers a lot of quality products that people trust to use in their everyday life. This reputation manages to ring true with Morton water softeners, which are economical and reliable.

The water softeners offered by Morton are fairly user-friendly, not overly challenging to install, and seem to work effectively. If anyone is looking for a water softener with low salt consumption, they might be pleasantly surprised.

Anyone looking for a quality water softener with a good value for cost, and is easy to install, should consider Morton. However, people should be advised that replacement parts for a water softener may be on the pricey side.

If you are unsure about how to install the water softener, despite the easy instructions, feel free to call a plumber. It shouldn’t cost too much, because installation is a relative breeze and won’t eat up too much of your time.

One of the biggest pluses about a water softener from Morton is that the attached customer service is excellent. Morton will make sure to address any questions or concerns quickly and is helpful for expediting the process of getting a replacement part.

Comparing Different Models


When selecting a Morton water softener, you will want to consider the pros and cons of the different models available. Depending on the severity of your water hardness, demand, and frequency for water for your home, you should choose accordingly.

Outside of Morton brand water softeners, the following brands of water softeners have received top ratings for their value and operation.

  • Fleck brand water softeners
  • Aquinos water softeners
  • Hard Water Bullet softeners

Features such as compact design, BPA free construction, and amount of grains filtered made them select choices. Most water softeners may be salt-based like Morton, or salt-free. The warranty for many top of the line water softeners are either ten years or enjoy a lifetime coverage.

You will want to consider the size of the system you choose carefully because if it is too small, it will undergo more regeneration cycles than you may want. Try to purchase the largest system you can afford, as the upfront costs will soon pay themselves forward in the long-run.

On average, most people may find themselves using around 80 gallons of water for their daily needs.

The System Saver 3000 is one of the most economical choices of a water softener from Morton.

This model uses Look-Ahead technology, which means that when your water supply needs to go through a regeneration cycle, it will not cut off or supply you with water that has not been softened. Instead, you will benefit from a water softener that uses the downtime when you are not demanding water to go through a regeneration cycle.

If you think you will need to use a lot more water than typically, you can trigger a regeneration cycle on the System Saver 3000 ahead of time.

This softener for water is an optimal choice and middle-of-the-road because it has a slightly higher grain filtration for sediment, and it offers a flow rate of 7 gallons of water for every minute.

The System Saver comes with a 10-year warranty on the tank and a 1-year warranty for the control panel. The control panel is user-friendly, easy to program, and allows you to adjust the settings for your water hardness level.

If you want to go a little bit higher than 30,000 but lower than 40,000 for removing grains from your water, you will want to select Morton’s 34,000-grain capacity. This model also comes with Look-Ahead technology and is easy to install and program.

This model is good for a family that is no larger than five members, as this water softener can provide about 8 gallons of water per minute for daily use.

The 27,000-grain capacity tank from Morton uses a single tank for both the salt and resin, as it is a bit more compact than other models.

This space-saving option uses Look-Ahead technology, and is easy to install and refill with salt as needed. One thing that is nice about Morton brand water softeners is that the control panel keeps track of regular water use and patterns, so it can better decide when to conduct a regeneration cycle.

This low-grain capacity model comes with a 10-year warranty for the tank and filters out low levels of iron from your water.

What We Think


Morton may be wider known for its familiar girl with the yellow umbrella on its salt, but it does a surprising job when it comes to water softeners.

The design for their line of water softeners is both practical and visually attractive. There is a wide enough range of water softeners available to take care of the needs of a small household of one to two people or maintain the water softening needs for a larger household.

Morton provides a quality water softener that you can trust to accommodate the needs of most households. Morton does not retail the most expensive softeners available, and the quality and performance that you get are well worth the price.

Remember, it is optimal to install both a water softener and a water filter to purify water of unwanted contaminants. An average water softener may reduce iron, magnesium, and other elements that can trigger unwanted buildup and grime in pipes, but it is not made to clean water, but only reduces hardness thoroughly.

Morton softeners are easy on the eyes, quick to install and work well with other appliances and systems in place to enhance your water supply at home or your business. The ability to delay regeneration cycles, or take advantage of the included Look-Ahead technology make Morton’s line of water softeners attractive.

Salt-based water softeners are the most effective at improving water, flow rate, reducing plumbing problems, and improving the look and feel of your laundry. For the price point, the range of models available, and value, you won’t go wrong choosing a water softener from Morton.

Coupons And Deals

Morton water softeners can be purchased through major retailers such as Menard’s, Sam’s club, True Value, and Walmart. Depending on the model of water softener that you select, and your choice of retailer, the price may vary.

There are no active deals on water softeners, but there are coupons available for water softener pellets that are Morton brand. However, one should consider that Morton brand water softeners are an inexpensive and effective option to soften water.

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