Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Shower Head - 2018 Review
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Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Shower-Head – 2018 Review

culligan wsh-c125The Culligan wall mount filtered shower head is a quick and effective method of improving the quality of the water that you shower in – we voted it one of our top rated shower head water softeners here.

With a choice of spray settings, the shower-head will remove all but a small percentage of chlorine, sulfur and it helps reduce bacteria.

After 6 months use simply replace the internal cartridge and the shower is effective for yet another 6 months. This has got to be one of the easiest and quickest filters to work with: Installation is simple and tool-free.

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Please note: this is not a water softener, its a water filter, so it’s a great idea to check how hard your water is before considering this as an alternative.

So why would you consider this? Besides the fact that its super cheap and easy to install, the reduction of chlorine that the shower-head achieves will help you shower in water that won’t damage your skin or hair.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars


  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Allows you to eliminate chlorine in only the shower (chlorine is not always bad!)
  • Clog free nozzle
  • Replacement filters are cheap!


  • Will not eliminate hard water and soap scum
  • Tools are needed for installation if your shower facet is old

Product Specifications

  • A softer shower with reduced chlorine and scale build up – The Culligan shower-head enhances your showering experience through the removal of up to 99 percent of the chlorine in your water. Additionally the filter removes waterborne impurities that can lead to a itching scalp and dry skin problems. The reduction in scale that the filter achieves ensures that the shower flow levels will remain high.
  • A choice of spray settings – The filtered shower-head not only maintains maximum flow levels the shower-head is adjustable, allowing for five different spray settings. You can choose from a maximum coverage, gentle spray setting through to a pulsed jet for a relaxing massage to those tired muscles, or a varying combination of both.
  • Quick and easy to install – The filtered shower-head can be installed in moments, without the need for any tools. Wrap the thread on your shower outlet pipe with the Teflon tape that is included in you package. Screw on your new filtered shower-head and that it. You can start to benefit from the advantages of your new shower straight away.
  • Long lasting and independently tested for effectiveness – The Culligan Level 2 wall mount shower-head is certified by the NSF. The replaceable filter will ensure that you and your family can benefit from no chemicals in your shower water for 10,000 gallons or to put it another way, 6 months of normal family showering.
  • Warranty – This comes standard with a 5 year warranty, which is great considering its price!

What We Liked About Culligan wsh-c125 Filtered Shower-Head

It’s inexpensive – Occasionally when you buy an inexpensive item you make up for it by having to buy expensive replacement parts (think printers and ink refills). 

It’s easy to fit – Fitting the new shower-head is simplicity itself. Just unscrew the old shower-head, wrap the supplied Teflon tape around the thread of the shower outlet pipe and screw on the head hand tight. That’s all. When it is time to replace the filter, just unscrew, fit the new filter, re-apply new Teflon tape and screw the head back on.

Clog free nozzles – Not only does the filtration system reduce the amount of scale passing through your shower-head, should there ever be any clogs, the flexible nozzles can be easily cleaned by rubbing your hand over them.

What We Didn’t Like About Culligan wsh-c125 Filtered Shower-Head

Sometimes tools are needed – Occasionally when trying to removing the old shower-head it is possible that it has been over tightened. In this case it is possible that you may need to use a wrench to remove the old one. If sufficient Teflon tape is used hand tightening should be sufficient to ensure that there are no leaks from the joint.

Effectiveness can be affected by hardness of water – Just remember – this is NOT a water softener alternative, its a water filter, so if you have very hard water, this is not a long term solution for you (it should only be used as a ‘bandaid solution’ as it’s so cheap.

Best Suited For

  • People suffering from dry skin and hair – this product was designed to eliminate problems associated with the above – and it works.
  • Households where hard water is not a huge problem – This will not stop hard water problems, but if you’re not in desperate need for a softener, just a filter, this a great first step

Not So Great For...

  • Households with multiple bathrooms – If you have 3 or more bathrooms, you may as well install a whole house filter system – it will be cheaper over time

The Verdict

Overall, the Culligan Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Shower-head is a great and inexpensive solution to a water problem that affects many people’s skin or hair. In addition it can reduce or eliminate odors that is present in some water supplies.

The system is low-cost enough that they can be fitted to every shower in the house, although remember that replacement filters need changing every 6 months (even though they’re relatively cheap)

If you live in an area that experiences very hard water, this is not a great option for you (try a water softener such as one of these systems), but for everyone else, this is a great option at a very affordable price.

Given this item does exactly what it claims (and the fact that there are hundreds of positive customer reviews) we’ve rated it 5/5 stars!

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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