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State Select Water Heaters Reviews

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When your home needs a water heater that is reliable and energy efficient, you'll want to consider State Select water heaters. Learn more about how State Select water heaters will provide the optimal performance you expect and the benefits for your property.

State Industries Incorporated is a leader in manufacturing both residential and commercial water heaters. The company is based in Ashland City, Tennessee and offers warranties for its products alongside a robust customer service for troubleshooting.

State Water Heaters was established in 1946 and produced its premier water heater in 1948. Since that time, the company has continued to expand and refine its services.

If you choose to install a State Select water heater, you are signing up for a product from a reputable company.

You will find that a State Select water heater falls under a few different categories.

  • High-Efficiency water heaters
  • Point of Use water heater
  • State Select Solar Booster Tanks
  • State Select Residential models

The company also offers junior tank electric units and tabletop electric appliances. State Select water heaters may be powered by electricity, gas, solar, or propane.

State Industries does try to step up its game in the water heater business by offering an app to help regulate and monitor your water heater via a smartphone. However, there are other factors revolving around this brand's water heaters which may put a damper on forward-thinking technological improvements.

What To Look For In A Water Heater

Heater meter

You should look to invest in appliances that are energy efficient and help your home run more smoothly. The initial cost for a water heater and installation may have a significant price tag, but the cost breakdown will prove more economical in the long run if your water heater has certain features.

Conventional models of water heater often draw on energy to keep water hot all day and night. However, if you choose a water heater that is on-demand only, tankless, or has robust insulation, you can reduce your energy costs between 50 to 70.

A water heater that has high efficiency should enjoy a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, creates fewer emissions and energy demands, and should qualify for a tax rebate. The typical water heater that undergoes routine maintenance and frequent use has a lifespan of 8 to 12 years.

Taking steps to upgrade an existing water heater by adding insulation around the pipes, making sure to flush it clean of sediment, and annually conducting a checkup can enhance longevity and performance.

Consider well the needs of your household, and seek out methods to reduce water and energy consumption for the good of the planet and your pocketbook. A quality and efficient water heater from a reputable brand is best for your home.

State Select offers five different models of high-efficiency water heaters, ranging from a 40-gallon capacity to an 80-gallon capacity.

Types Of Water Heaters Offered By State Industries


State Industries offers consumers electric or gas water heaters for residential use, either the Premier series or Select series. The Premier series is a bit more energy efficient than the Select series. However, the Select series offers more models.

On average, the electric-powered tanks that are Select or Premier have a lifespan of 6 to 10 years. The Premier series offers the following features, which make it an attractive buy.

  • Ecologically-friendly gas burner
  • Automatic self-cleaning system
  • Energy Star compliance

State Industries seeks to constantly push the envelope of innovation, as seen by their Power-Vent models, which have a 96% thermal efficiency with 129GPH recovery.

A State Select water heater offers the following benefits.

water bubble

One to two heating elements using a minimum of 4500 watts each.
A capacity of 2.5 gallons to 119-gallon tank size.
A self-cleaning diffuser dip tube.

Models may come in a small, medium, or tall size depending on household size and demand. Some Select models can even be installed under your kitchen sink for convenience.

Most High-Efficiency State Select models of water heater come in a tall size and offer a 40 to 80-gallon capacity. One medium size tank is available with a 50-gallon capacity, and measure at 49 inches tall. Thanks to improvements on design, these water heaters can enjoy an extended lifespan of 10 years.

The energy factor for efficiency models of Select water heaters is either 0.92 or 0.93, thanks to the use of heat traps, and 2.5-inch insulation with R-value.

Additionally, to lower the incidence of a rotten egg odor, each efficiency model is outfitted with an aluminum anode rod instead of one made with magnesium.

Electric Select water heaters are standard and come in 15 different types of models. The recovery rate is 21 F, and the energy factor ranges from a low 0.81 to 0.93.

Table Top Select models are available only in a 26-gallon or 40-gallon model. These water heaters are unique because they have a rectangular shape and a flat top, hence the name. This type of water heater makes an excellent addition in the kitchen, as it can add to the counter space available. Table Top models have a 6-year warranty.

Tiny houses or mobile homes require a Junior type of water heater from State Industries. The gallon capacity for Junior models range from 6-gallons to 38-gallon capacity tanks and can be installed under the kitchen sink out of sight.

If a consumer wishes to purchase a water heater that only delivers small amounts of water, State Select offers a Point of Use model that comes in a capacity of 2.5-gallons. This model makes a good choice for an office, garage, or remote location.

Regarding selecting a standard water heater that is under the Select series, a 40-gallon gas-powered tank is effective for most average households. This model offers many economical benefits and a low emissions rate, but it is not designated Energy Star compliant.

This tank has a 6-year warranty, uses a 40,000 BTU gas burner, and has a recovery rate of 41 gallons for every hour. The energy factor is 0.62. This tank should fill up a tub within seven minutes and has a projected energy cost of $273.

Other Types Of State Water Heater Models

State Industries prides itself on offering a wide range of different models of water heaters. In addition to the Select series, there are other water heaters worth comparing.

Tankless Models

Tankless Models

Tankless models of State water heaters are wall-hanging, compact, and powerful enough to accommodate a residential or small commercial space. The tankless models are suitable for both use indoors and outdoors and come with a 12-year warranty. Tankless models are available in either non-condensing or condensing.

Hybrid Models


State Industries provides hybrid models that are designed for thermal energy efficiency, which saves money, and encourages a faster recovery rate. Hybrid models combine the best of both features taken from tankless and tank water heaters.

Solar Models


A consumer can install a complete solar-powered water heater system from State Industries, consisting of a water storage tank, integrated solar pumps, and solar panels. The capacity of solar models reaches a maximum of 120 gallons and may come with backup heating elements.



Depending on your geographical location, the price for purchasing and installing a State Industries Select series water heater may vary. You will have to contact your local plumber or retailer for a quote, which can be found via the State Industries website.

Average reported costs for a new water heater and installation range between $1000 to $1200.

The price you pay for your water heater should quickly pay itself forward with the warranty and customer service coverage for parts and labor in case there is a problem. Expect the monthly breakdown of maintaining and using a water heater for six years or more to show its economical value, especially if it is high efficiency.

Public Perception


When it comes to opinions on State Industries Select series of water heaters, there are mixed feelings all around.

Some customers have experienced little to no problems with their installed water heaters, while others have met with varying circumstances.

One of the biggest draws for State Industry water heaters is the fact that the warranty for part replacement is pretty good. Provided that your water heater is still covered under warranty, customer service will quickly come out and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.

With the warranty, things can get hairy very quickly with State Industries water heaters. If you have a water heater that fails at the 5-year mark, the warranty gets transferred to a replacement model. If there are any problems, such as flooding due to a defective part, or a heating element has gone bad, you might be out of luck.

There are some significant discrepancies when it comes to the manufacturing date for a lot of models of State Industry water heaters, which makes one question the retailer's source of water heaters installed for customers.

It is too easy to misread the manufacturing label information. Either some people install a water heater that goes strong with no problems and minimal maintenance for 15 years, or the water heater cuts short all too soon.

The cost of replacing parts can either be reasonable or make one question replacing the water heater with a different brand altogether.

If anyone is looking for a cheaper option from State Industries, they may want to opt for a hybrid heat pump for hot water, and it's tankless.

Select water heaters do stand out among the competition for being created with efficiency in mind. Certain features of the water heaters are applicable for LEED construction. The use of vents helps minimize heat loss, as well as foam insulation, heat traps, and glass lined tanks.

Be forewarned, you may either get great customer service with no unexplainable extra charges, or you might suffer the dilemma of having the parts covered under warranty, but not labor.

What We Think

If you care about supporting an American-based company that has been in the business of creating water heaters and other products for decades, choose State for your water heater.

However, there have been a lot of negative things to say about State Industries water heaters, which may have something to do with the retailer or plumbing service responsible for sale and installation, and not the actual product itself.

Some customers have complained that their water heater died on them after reaching the 4 or 5-year mark, with only a handful saying positive things.

It is good that there is still ins American-made water heater company providing a wide range of heaters that use eco-friendly energy sources to power up, or are made for thermal efficiency and improved recovery rates.

State Industries does offer water heaters that are solar-powered, create low emissions, or are applicable to smaller residential and commercial spaces for both indoor or outdoor.

If you don't mind utilizing the services of your local plumber to get a quote for installing a State Industries water heater, and you think your product will make it to 6-years under warranty without failure, give it a chance.

There are other water heaters available, where there is more transparency about prices, and with longer lifespans beyond the 6-year mark. The Select series of water heaters from State Industries seems impressive on the surface, but there are too many negative reviews to fully endorse grabbing this brand of water heater with 100% confidence.

Consider your options before you make a final decision on a brand of water heater. Sadly, State Industries, despite its boasted commitment to innovation and developing better more efficient water heaters fails to meet the hype.

There are too many problems with faulty heaters that break down or suffer leaks within as little as 2 to 3 years, which is significantly less than a 10 to 12-year lifespan or longer. If a customer is going to be stuck constantly needing to replace their water heater, or paying for repairs, then any energy efficiency is going to go down.

Unless you have a small space or have unique needs for an atypical water heater, you will want to pass on State Industries for a different brand.

Customers can expect to spend more than they bargained for when labor and parts are needed, or they have to shell out for a completely new water heater. State Industries is providing products that are a gamble. Clogging and pilot light outages are a huge issue.

Coupons And Deals

There are no coupons or deals available for State water heaters. Customers can only purchase and get a water heater from State Industries installed after contacting an established plumber, and prices are subject to vary.

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