GE GXSH45V Water Softener | Our in Depth Review
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GE GXSH45V Water Softener Review
Specs & Features


When it comes to home electrical appliances, GE which stands for General Electric, is one of the most trusted names in the industry. The brand has gained an excellent reputation in the home water softening industry because of its high standard products and innovative solutions. GE has created, designed and manufactured the best water softeners in the market today. They provide an excellent solution for people who have problems with hard water in their homes. GE has had many years of experience in the industry, and they know how to manufacture high quality and top notch performance products. The brand has created a few models in the industry which are all very efficient and reliable. They have created various types of water softeners which specifically cater to different households. These products are designed for small and big capacities which fit into any family. Today, we will be focusing on the GE GXSH45V water softener model and discuss its features and benefits.

What's a GE GXSH45V Water Softener?

​The GXSH45V water softener makes use of Smart Soft technology which is specifically designed to monitor the regular water consumption in your household. Therefore, it can deliver water according to the demand. Additionally, because of this very dynamic feature it also saves water consumption. One of the main characters of the GXSH45V model is its capacity to hold 45,100 grains.

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It also comes with a programmable operation and function which comes handy for its users. Regarding its water softening efficiency, it can carry a maximum ppm of 10 iron removal and a gpg of 160 hardness removal. The salt capacity of its tank is 230 lbs. It has a built in custom select blending valve which provides its users the option to select their preferred water softness level and adjust it according to their liking. It also has incredible salt saving functions which reduces salt consumption.

Smart Soft Technology


Smart Soft is a GE trademarked technology which means they were the first to make use of the technology and no other brand can use it. Its ability to make the water softer or harder depending on your preference is what makes it stand out from other water softeners in the market. Since this unit is very efficient regarding saving valuable resources such as water, salt, and electricity, it can lower your electric bills. It has been specially designed to help protect the environment as well as help its users save water consumption. Its built-in control panel is a great tool which communicates relevant information of the unit at all times.

Benefits & Product Features

One of the most valuable features of the GXSH45V model is its ability to save up to 35% less water compared to older models created by GE. Its manufacturer has made sure that the model will have easy to use controls which are operated electronically using a simple interface and light indicators. This model will always keep you up to date when the water softener is already low on salt. This is a very convenient feature since you will always be notified about the salt levels of your unit. It will also tell you how many days away it is to empty the unit which removes the guesswork from figuring out when your unit needs to be refilled.

It always provides a reliable and accurate calculation before notifying its user about the salt levels. Since the GXSH45V is built with Smart Soft technology, it automatically learns about your family's water usage patterns. Once it has recognized this pattern, it will be able to adjust the regeneration process according to your regular consumption automatically. Its sediment filter was built with self-cleaning features. It was specifically designed to help protect your plumbing system.

​Product Specifications

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GE GXSH45V water softener takes approximately 139 minutes to complete the entire regeneration process. Its dimensions are 22 7/16 x 47 5/8 x 14 7/16 inches. It weighs 10 lbs and will include a complete installation kit upon purchase. The unit also comes with a high flow valve. Regarding its warranty, GE has provided a one-year limited warranty for the entire appliance unit. However, its electric motor has a longer three-year limited warranty. As for its resin or brine tank, it has a limited warranty of ten years.

This unit is manufactured by a reputable brand in the industry and it also provides a solid, good warranty guarantee. This guarantee ensures the long lasting effectiveness of this unit. It comes with easy monitoring and installation features to make it more convenient for its users. It is also very cost efficient since it can save up to 35% less water. It also has salt saving operations which are automatically recognized by the unit.

Our Final Thoughts on the GE GXSH45V

Customers who have tried using the GE GXSH45V water softener have expressed that they were very pleased with its functionality, affordability, and convenience. When it comes to its price range in the water softener industry, most consumers believe that it is the best in the market. The unit lasts for approximately four to seven years with regular usage. Since GE is the reputable brand, all their products including this model don't disappoint. There aren't any major issues experienced by its consumers. GE has implemented the best technology in their newest water softener models.

They have made use of innovative engineering, proprietary technologies and plenty of testing and research for this product. This model is available at a reasonable price, yet it offers valuable, innovative solutions in water softening effectiveness. It can also remove mineral deposits found in the water which can be harmful to your health. It completely purifies the water to ensure that it is thoroughly clean.​

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