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Bradford White Water Heater Reviews

Bradford White Water Heater Reviews

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Whether it is a tiny heater for a single cottage or a large boiler for an entire hotel,Bradford White has been supplying it to the American public since 1981. Indeed, many houses come standard issue with these of these large water heaters. But just because they are prevalent does not mean they are high quality. How well do they work? According to many users, the answer is not well. Let us investigate if there is truth to these claims. But first, we need to understand how water heaters work.

What are Water Heaters and How do They Work?

Water heaters are, you guessed it, the way we get hot water into our homes and commercial buildings. Unless a water heater is tankless, most hold a containment cell of some sort. This containment cell is then heated using some method of energy. Machines supply this energy using electricity, gas, solar power or oil. Bradford White provides all of these types of water heaters. Though all of these types use different energy sources, they all heat things in the same way.

Heat — either froam a flame or an electrically-powered coil — warms the center of the tank. The water isthen gradually displaced by cold water as the how water exits the heater and heads towards our showers,faucets, and tubs. Unfortunately, these types of heaters produce quite a bit of toxic emissions, mainly if natural gas powers them. The emissions exit through the chimney or a similar hole in the ceiling. You can reduce pollution if the water heater has an eco-friendly feature to conserve energy. As such, it is important to get a water heater professionally installed, unless you have experience setting them up. Otherwise, there could be safety issues like gas leakage or risk of fire and explosion. If you smell a strange smell in your resident, call 911 immediately.

What Makes Bradford White Water Heaters Unique?

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Bradford White only sells its water heaters to licensed plumbers and contractors that then install it  themselves. This process takes out a lot of the work you might need to do, but you will need to pay for it.

The company has also been around for a reasonably long time (a little under forty years), so they have had time to invest in different heating options and research. Some of these have had positive effects on the maintenance life of the unit. For instance, they line the tanks with vitraglas, a protective enamel that lines the inside of the tank. Hydrojet systems allow for internal self-cleaning and safety systems protect gas users from potential fires. Also, the icon control valve allows for a more precise temperature gauge. Some models of Bradford White water heaters are also more environmentally friendly than past heaters. This improvement is due to a new feature which releases less harmful gases into the environment.

They make all products in America, so it is good to support domestic business. But perhaps what sets Bradford White apart the most from its competition is the real range of products it offers. In addition to commercial and residential accommodations, Bradford White provides all of the following options for different heating methods. Nothing is left out. Here are all of the categories:

  • Gas
  • Gas - Ultra Low NOx
  • Boilers
  • Electric
  • Heat Pump
  • Tankless
  • Solar
  • Oil
  • Combination Water Heating
  • Indirect
  • Storage Tanks
  • Accessories

Bradford White Water Heaters Pricing


Bradford White water heaters vary greatly depending on what type of model you are getting and whether it is for residential buildings or commercial buildings. Commercial water heater cost a lot more, but generally speaking, they are much more expensive than other models on the market. Industrial boilers, in particular, can cost upwards of $4,000. We provided some estimates for some of the models still included by North American significant retailers.

  • Gas — $700 - $1,700
  • Electric — $700 - $1,000
  • Heat Pump — $1,100 - $1,400
  • Indirect — $1,100 - $1,300
  • Tankless — $1,200 - $1,400
Bradford White 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater #RG240T6N
  • Bradford White ICON System
  • Advanced ScreenLok Technology Flame Arrestor Design
  • Resettable Thermal Switch
  • Maintenance-Fre
  • Factory-Installed Hydrojet Total Performance System

Public Perception of Bradford White Water Heaters

Unfortunately, there are quite a bit of negative reviews associated with Bradford White water heaters. The number one complaint seems to be the fact that the heaters break down regularly. Often the water heaters leak at the top. Then, the pilot light breaks down, and the unit fails to heat water. The leaking not only damages the machine itself, but also the interior of your house. Mold and bacteria will thrive in the moist warm environment where you keep your heater. These threats can eventually lead to structural issues.

Bradford White water heaters are also not ideal for large families. You will find that you run out of hot water all too quickly. These issues of leaking are exasperated when there are multiple people using the water appliances a day, but they are still present even if just one or two people use it. Also, if you live in an area with hard water (water with lots of sediments and minerals in it), then your Bradford White water heater will break even quicker.

What is worse, the warranty is often insufficient, either replacing the heater unit with another defective unit or breaking down right after the six-year expiration period. Moreover, the warranty only pays for the replacement parts. You will likely need to hire a professional to install the machine, which the company does not pay for even though it is almost impossible to do it without one. Some customers have also complained about receiving the wrong parts, as well as express delivery charges for the spare parts.
There are still plenty of people who enjoy their Bradford White water heaters. Some customers claim that their models survived over eight years. While this might be true for more expensive models or commercial models, it does not seem to be the case for most people. An overwhelming amount of Bradford White water heaters break precisely on or after their warranty date. This coincidence makes it seem like the company knows its models are going to break and still sells them.

Most of the praise associated with Bradford White comes from its tankless water heater models. So if you think you are interested in one, try to find a tankless option. They are better for the environment. Unfortunately, it seems the natural gas models are far more popular than the tankless for Bradford White.

How Bradford White Water Heaters Compare to Other Brands

White Water Heaters

In this section, we take a look at some different brands of water heaters to see how Bradford White compares in performance and price. We will look at some water heater models by Whirlpool, State Water Heater, and Kenmore Water Heaters. Overall, we have come to the opinion that everyone one of the brands on this list is preferable than a Bradford White water heater.



The Whirlpool model of water heaters beats Bradford White products at every single level. In addition to being cheaper (usually by around $300), they also are superior in design, technology, and functionality. The Whirlpool Energy Smart ES50R9-55 electric, which costs $529.00, comes with a touchscreen, three modes — energy conservation, standard, and vacation — the model is more dynamic than anything Bradford White sells.

The Whirlpool machine even has wifi capabilities so that you can access the heater remotely via the smart app. The device holds fifty gallons and comes with a nine-year warranty — three years longer than Bradford White.

State Water Heater

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The State water heater is much like the Whirlpool model. The model features the same LCD touchscreen and intricate setting features. The main difference is the energy efficiency of the State model is much higher — an unprecedented 96% efficiency rating. Durable and dependable, the State water heater significantly reduces the cost of utilities thanks to its eco-saving feature. It also helps the environment with low levels of nitrous oxide pollution. The main downside is the expensive cost, which is $2790.

Kenmore Water Heater

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Like the Whirlpool, the Kenmore is another brand of water heaters that boasts a long service time. This impressive service time is thanks to a new feature: a second rod that the water heater “sacrifices to corrosion. When rust begins to target one of the rods, the other one remains clean and functional. The Kenmore is also a bit more reasonably priced than the State and Bradford White models, coming in at $649.00. The model also has added a safety feature to protect you and your family from potential burns.

What We Think of Bradford White Water Heaters


 There are too many negative reviews about the product and customer for us ever to recommend a Bradford White product to anyone. These machines are already expensive regarding water heaters — as such, they should work above and beyond expectations. In many cases, people purchased defective devices, which they then had to pay extra for installation of parts and shipping. We do not believe it is right for Bradford White to charge their customers for the problems caused by their defective product. In addition to breaking down frequently, they also cost a lot of money to keep heated. Compared to tankless water heaters, boilers need to keep an entire tank of water heated continuously. The result is an average $20+ increase on your electricity or gas bill each month. There are tankless options to choose from, but again they are much more than the other brands on the market. And these brands offer a significantly better product There a variety of other exceptional brands to choose from that have better customer service, better technology, and better pricing. Any Bradford White water heater pales in comparison to the Whirlpool Energy Smart ES50R9-55 electric. Why would you pay $300 more for a product that uses a steam valve instead of an LCD touchscreen? It does not make any sense to pay more for something that is comparably antiquated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that customers often ask when ordering Bradford White products. The mostly deal with warranty and installation information.

Do I have to use a contractor to install a Bradford White water heaters?

While there is no law against installing it yourself, we highly recommended that you get a contractor. Otherwise, you risk improper installation which can result in injury or death. Electrical models can get overheated and burn skin, while natural gas water heaters can release toxic emissions or explode. How do I determine how old my Bradford White water heater is?

Use this chart to determine the age from your account information.

Can you ship Bradford White water heater parts directly to the consumer?


Unfortunately, Bradford White can only ship its replacement parts to licensed dealers. As such, you will need to go through these channels to get spare parts to fix your unit.
How do I determine the energy factor of my Bradford White water heater?
You can determine the energy factor of you Bradford White water heater by comparing the daily usage of hot to the total expenditure of energy. If your energy factor is high, it means you are saving money on your bill.

Coupons and Deals for Bradford White Water Heaters

Fortunately, Bradford White offers a large selection of rebates for its products, most of which take $400 off the price tag. To see if you qualify for the refund go to Other websites, like Expert Plumbing Services, offer $75 off coupons for a Bradford White water heater.
We hope our review has been helpful in helping you decide if a Bradford White water heater. While it is fine if you move into a house with one of these heaters, or receive at a severely discounted price, we cannot recommend buying one new.

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