12 Ways to Turn Water From Waste to Resource
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12 Ways That You Can Follow to Turn Dirty Water to Clean Water

How much water are you saving? In 2016 humans used more natural resources than the Earth produced by September. Such factors indicate that the Earth’s growing popular and dwindling resources are causing many issues that are affecting a number of natural resources that are available.

1. Rinse Veggies In A Bowl

rinsing vegetablesThis is an alternative to rinsing them under a running faucet. The water used can then be used in your garden. It’s OK if the water includes a few vegetable peels or mud since they’ll add nutrients to your plants.

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2. Install A Gray Water Recycling System

This can save about one-third of bath/shower costs and about 30% of the water that would normally just flow down the drain. The system is connected to the plumbing system. It treats the water from your home’s kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom so it can be reused.

3. Catch Shower Water In A Bucket

This is for water that runs while you wait for it to heat up. This is clean water so you can use it for various functions including feeding animals, feeding outdoor plants, and watering grass, shrubs, and trees.

4. Rinse Washed Utensils In Tub Of Water

kid washing by sinkThis is an alternative to a dishwasher. The main issue with a dishwasher is that it uses a ton of water. You can then use the rinse water to clean sinks or water houseplants. In the case, the water has grease just add a couple drops of mild baby shampoo or lemon dish soap to make the water grease-free.

5. Dig Small Ponds In A Garden

This is a good idea if you have a big garden. What’s it all about? The pond is a few feet in diameter. It should then be layered in plastic. Make sure to dig the pond close to the lawn and shrubs. Then when it rains the extra water from the lawn will overflow. You can catch the water in the tiny ponds. The water you collect can then be used to water other plants. This is a great way to recycle rainwater in an effective way since it helps to water other plants after the lawn and shrubs get enough H2O.

6. Save Water Left In Glasses

This water left in water bottles or glasses can be boiled then drunk again. If you’re uneasy about drinking the water, another option is to use it to wash dishes.

7. Reuse Bathtub Water

kids in tubThis is the alternative to letting the water drain after bathing. You could use the water to wash walls/car, mop floor, or clean tiles. Another option is to pour the used water into tree wells outdoors.

Another option is to check with your plumber to see if they can install the bathtub’s outlet to an indoor/outdoor water recycling system. Then when you complete your bath you can switch on the recycling system so you can drain the leftover water from the bathtub.

8. Plant Small Plants/Shrubs Near Bigger Trees/Shrubs

woman gardeningThis might be a surprising way to save water but there’s a major benefit you can enjoy. When you take this step, your herbs get water when you water the grass on your lawn or the border shrubs on the perimeter of your property. This can help to save a ton of water because you won’t have to water the big plants then the small plants. That, in turn, can help to save a lot of resources.

9. Prepare Soups With Pasta Water

You can reuse the water you used to boil pasta. Another option is to reuse the water you used to boil veggies for soup stock. You might feel uneasy about reusing water for other applications besides the kitchen. If so you can use the H2O to water plants, herbs, and shrubs.

10. Save Water From Flower Pots

When you water your flower pots there’s usually extra water that drains out. You could put plastic buckets under the flower pots so they catch the extra water. Then you could use the water for watering plants in your garden.

11. Take Baths Rather Than Showers

This can be a tough change to make if you’re used to taking showers and consider bathing to be unhygienic, for example. However, it’s worth noting that when you shower you use about 7-10 gallons of water. On the other hand, when you take a bath you can save tons of water and use the bathwater to wash your car, water the lawn, etc. Another benefit is you can enjoy a relaxing bubble bath with essential oils, for example. This can be much more relaxing than showering.

12. Dry Sweep The Driveway

This is an alternative to hosing it down. A good option is to take this step before you wash your car/truck. Then you can clean your driveway with the soapy water from washing your car.

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